Friday, 5 October 2012

Stewart Downing is Upset

Stewart Downing was superb last season and chipped in with a simply phenomenal total of 0 goals and 0 assists (in the league, I think). For reasons unknown, Brendon Rodgers has hardly played him and now he's pissed.

Rodgers has told Downing that "talent isn't enough" and he needs to work harder if he wants to get in the team. That's hilarious and also a lie. At the start of the season he said that there was still a role for him, but that role would probably be at left back, or left back in the changing room- HEYO! I just read that Downing has three years left on his contract, no wonder he's happy to stay on the bench. Remember Dalglish was a mental and probably paid Downing about £50k a week.

Anyway he's going to stay and fight for his future, it's not made clear who he has to fight first but I hope it's Jay Spearing.