Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stephane Mbia doesn't know where he is

During QPR's busy transfer summer they signed a lot of players and one of them was Stephane Mbia who moved from Marseille to join Mark Hughes' team.  Even though Hughes didn't really know if he was good, and Mbia thought he was moving to Rangers.

The Cameroon international has admitted that he didn't actually know where he was moving in an interview with L'Equipe:
"The manager knew my name and had seen me in the Champions League, but did not really know whether I was good or not,".

"I thought they were a Scottish club. Marseille needed the money. So I thought why not if it is for their good and mine, but I would never have thought of coming here."
He then went on to talk about how Mark Hughes' training sessions involve no tactics and is basically just them running around and playing football.  It sounds pretty fun tbf but probably not conducive to earning points against teams who are far better prepared than they are.  Mark Hughes is so over respected at managerial level that the BBC won't even do a newsnight on him