Thursday, 11 October 2012

Spain: There is no racism

Here is an example of a truth - "everyone loves Stuart Holden". Here is an example of a lie- "there is no racism in Spanish football". One of these was said by me about 10 seconds ago, the other was by the Spanish FA Chief. Guess which one?

That is from Formula 1 but let's forget about that. Angel Villar Llona is the president of the Spanish FA and despite lots of players actually saying they have been racially abused, he says that there is no racism in Spanish football and that monkey chants are a form of endearment - (he didn't say that).

This is in stark contrast to what Dani Alves said last year-
"The clubs and the league try to do some things to stop it. They try to punish the clubs, but it is uncontrollable. It will not go away."
In June the Spanish FA were fined 20,000euros for racist chanting by the fans but that didn't really happen and you didn't actually just read that, it's all in your head you mentalist. Maybe one day racism will be dealt with seriously, maybe one day we will travel in tubes, maybe one day I'll be a little bit taller? Maybe a baller? Perhaps I'll have a rabbit in a hat with a bat? I've no idea why anyone would ever want that.