Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Shaun Wright-Phillips met a magic taxi driver

Do you remember that half an hour in 2005 when Shaun Wright-Phillips was good?  He does too and he says it's all because a magical taxi driver inspired him to be awesome this season.

The half man/half children's toy hasn't had the best of times since moving to QPR and hasn't actually scored since May 2010.  Back in 2005, Chelsea signed him for £21million because it was hoped he would be able to fit under fences and get back their ball whenever someone launched it out of the garden, but instead he just played occasionally and scored some goals, before eventually becoming one of those guys you say 'oooooh yeh I totally remember him' when his name is mentioned.  Trying to rekindle the fire that flamed within his spindly legs, he spoke with a taxi driver:
A taxi driver told me the other day that he’s dreading West Ham playing QPR because I always score against them
But then they lost 3-1 because they are shit.  I think at this point Mark Hughes decides who's going to play by drawing names out of a really big hat