Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sergio Aguero didn't know who Messi was

When Sergio Aguero met Lionel Messi many years ago he didn't know who he was.  HA HA AHAH  HA  HA IT'S THE HILARIOUS NEW VIDEO SWEEPING THE INTERNET

In this shocking new video, Aguero reveals that when he turned up for some Argentina squad dinner thing, Messi was there and Aguero was like 'what's your name' and some other player laughed and went, "you don't know who he is?" and Aguero went "nope" and then they all laughed and it turned out it was Leo Messi.  This is almost exactly like what happened to me yesterday except instead of Sergio Aguero it was me, and instead of Lionel Messi it was the prosecuting lawyer.  Why does that guy have it in for me?  Look man, if it's illegal to hunt grown adult women then I don't know what's happened to this country.