Friday, 26 October 2012

Serbia bans two players for racism

After 'Serbia-gate' as no-one is calling it, Serbia initially denied any racist goings on in the under 21 game against England but now, having watched a video of it, they've banned two players for a year and two of their staff.

The Serbian FA has banned Nikola Ninkovic and Ognjen Mudrinski for a year from playing for any Serbian national team for their part in the post-match war against England.  This is what they said:
"Having reviewed the television footage of the incidents, the FSS disciplinary committee decided to ban Ninkovic and Mudrinski from playing for Serbia at any level for a period of one year.
"Also, staff members Srdjan Maksimovic and Andreja Milutinovic have been banned from their coaching duties at any level for Serbia for two years. All four have violated the FSS ethics and fair-play code."
See that?  Videoing stuff is always a good idea.  I think we should probably video everything we ever do just incase someone is racist and we have to report it to the police or something.  And if that doesn't work, I don't know how else I can explain filming my neighbour getting changed.

Seriously, I really a need a good reason