Thursday, 25 October 2012

Scottish clubs won't win anything ever, says Willie Miller

Failed fish and chip shop owner, Willie Miller has condemned the state of Scottish football and announced that no club from these lands shall ever again win a European cup.  And he's totally right btw

For those of you who aren't familiar with Scottish football (which according to our traffic audience report is about 99%), Willie Miller is one of Aberdeen's greatest ever players, a former manager and more recently a director of football (something like that).  He helped the club win a European Cup in 1983 when the mighty Dons beat Real Madrid and when you've finished laughing at that sentence, please remember that this really happened.  In real life.  Two years before I was born.  What sort of cruel joke is that?

Anyway, Miller said this:
“When you look where Real Madrid are in the modern era it just adds lustre to what we achieved back then.
“Real just got stronger down the years to the point where it’s almost impossible for a provincial club such as Aberdeen to win a European tournament.
“Nowadays, reaching the group stage of the Europa League would be a fabulous achievement for any of the other Scottish clubs. But we need to improve quite a bit before we would even suggest that’s a possibility.
So there you go.  I'm in two minds as to whether I want Celtic to do well in Europe.  I probably should because I'm Scottish, but they want to be Irish and I'm not Irish.  Also the more money they get, the less likely it becomes that anyone other than 'own goals' can stop Celtic winning the league every year for the next 4.  And then it's just like Israel vs Palestine.  Am I right?  I have no idea.