Thursday, 4 October 2012

Roy Hodgson is sorry for talking to strangers

Roy Hodgson broke the first rule of being in London on your own yesterday, which is never talk to strangers.  Rule number two is to not tell people that you are retiring Rio Ferdinand.  Aww come on Roy!

The England manager has apologised for telling commuters on the underground that Ferdinand's international career is over because he's 'really old and sucks now', which is true.  As Jack pointed out in an earlier article, Rio Ferdinand is no longer the Porsche he once was, and is basically now that tractor you want to overtake but can't because you can't really see around the corner.  I don't understand why everyone is getting so wound up about him not being in the team - he's really not that good anymore.  It's like when a hot girl reaches her late twenties and suddenly isn't very thin anymore, but you can't say anything without making them feel bad.  I wonder if I can make this hint any more obvious