Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rio the rebel

Rio Ferdinand will face the wrath of Alex Ferguson but not for being a bit old, slow and rubbish - but for refusing to wear the "let's kick it out" t-shirt.

To me this is just the annoying screen that slows down loading up Football Manager. To others it's a powerful campaign to kick racism out of football. To most it's a PR stunt that doesn't really achieve anything. Rio Ferdinand falls into the last category, so he refused to wear their t-shirt when warming up yesterday. As a result he's apparently been fined two weeks wages.

If that were true, his fine would equate to the same fee that John Terry was fined for his racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand. Not wearing a t-shirt is as bad as calling someone a "black c**t". Alex Ferguson said he was embarrassed by Ferdinand's behavior, I'm embarrassed by Fergie's goal celebration but he's never been punished.