Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Referee arrested for being a computer nerd

Referees are nerds. Who grows up wanting to be a referee? I'm already off topic, a Football League referee has been arrested for computer hacking.

Dean Mohareb is the name of the man in question. He is the FA's national referee development manager and I have absolutely no idea what that means. In case you wondered, he was arrested for suspicion of unauthorised access to computer material/data. I thought I should put in at least a small portion of information amongst the feast of nonsense.

I would like to imagine that Dean Mohareb lives a double life, one as a referee - a man who does absolutely everything by the book and has the worst conversation imaginable. The other is as a streetwise, take no-shit maverick renegade who goes undercover to dish the dirt on all his compatriots. Spilling the guys on football and all the filthy men and women who are ruining the beautiful game from the top down.

In truth, someone probably just left their Facebook logged on and he fraped them.