Thursday, 25 October 2012

Racism is bad

MORE RACISM NEWS SPORTS FANS!  Today, some people may or may not shake hands, Jason Roberts still hates t-shirts and Quentin Fortune understands Rio's rage.

Jason Roberts has denied claims that he is to join a 'Black Players Union' which is something almost no-one agrees is a good idea.  Surely the point of stamping out racism is to treat everyone equally, not segregate?  I dunno, I have had it pretty tough as a middle class white male so I have my own problems, but regardless, the BPU, as I'm now calling it, probably isn't happening.

Rio Ferdinand is still really angry about the whole t-shirt thing as well and might not shake Ashley Cole's hand in Man United's upcoming game against Chelsea, even though Ashley is also black.  This is because Cole supported John Terry during his racism trial, so now we can see that actually, Rio is very pissed off that his brother had something bad happen to him.  In grown up land you can't say 'my brother will do you in' as a threat to someone, and that's why they have courts.  Unfortunately courts don't rule in favour of 'death to racists' so Rio must once more don his gladiator uniform and attempt to stamp out racism like the vigilante warrior he is.

The FA meanwhile have drawn up a 6 point plan to try and stop racism, including copying American football's 'Rooney Rule' which means you have to interview at least one minority candidate for any manager job.  This is good because at the moment it means that Paul Ince will get to apply for every single managers job in Britain.

I can't wait until this racism stuff is gone because it's really boring.  If everyone could just stop being racist, that would be really handy around about now.  Unfortunately the people who are racist usually can't read so these immortal words will be lost on them, and if they can read, they read the Daily Mail.  So let's just pay for an advert in the Daily Mail that says 'the jews will rule the world unless you all hold your breath underwater for the next 10 minutes'.