Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Phil Neville is old, sorry for diving

Phil Neville was booked against Liverpool for diving on Sunday and now he feels just terrible about it. WHY PHIL?  WHYYYYYYY?!!!

I remember the days when Phil was just that hilarious left back who fouled a Romanian player in the England penalty box, but now he is the Everton captain and in theory far wiser.  Not so!  From The Mirror:
"It was a stupid thing to do," said the Blues skipper. "I don't often find myself in that position and I thought Daniel Agger was going to take me out." 
But I got a good kick up the backside at half-time as I couldn't commit to tackles in the second half. I'll take the rollicking and I won't do it again, that's for sure." 
Moyes refused to gloss over Neville's uncharacteristic moment of madness. "I said to him it's completely wrong, you don't do that," he said.
I think it's good that Moyes also told him to wise up, and the regret on Neville's face when he was booked for simulation was classic.  It was one of those immediate desperate regrets where you just don't understand the decision you've made.  Like when you realise what you've been watching, post-jizz.