Friday, 5 October 2012

Paul Lambert to sue Norwich

Paul Lambert comes across as a bit of a nob, but he won the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund so I'm confused. Back to the headline, he is taking Norwich to a tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Lambert is to claim £2m from Norwich for unfair dismissal, which seems strange since almost everywhere reported that he resigned from the club to sign for Aston Villa. I like this quote from Norwich Chairman Alan Bowkett - 
"The manner of Paul Lambert’s departure is no surprise because he’s walked out on every club he’s ever managed"
Lambert comes across as the most miserable bastard alive, even if he won the Euro Millions he would still go to work every day and put the jackpot in a savings account. Eventually he'd die and the money would end up with Prince Charles and his kids would be left to work for the rest of their days in the coal mines.

 Bowkett is actually making a claim for breach of contract. I think they should stop acting like a couple of fannies and end things with a firm handshake.