Thursday, 11 October 2012

Owen Coyle is sacked

We totally forgot to mention this because it's in the Championship and nobody care about Bolton, but Owen Coyle has been sacked!  OH THE HUGE MANATEE

Bolton have been struggling in the Championship since being relegated and I know that because I think I read it somewhere.  I absolutely do not care about the lower leagues.  There are no celebrities, it's all 'working man' football and no-one is really rich - basically the whole thing is pointless.  I mean, look at Stoke.  Everyone hates Stoke and they just sit there ruining the Premier League making it look dirty when before it was all David Ginola and Matt Le Tissier.

And poor Owen Coyle did so well at Bolton the year before so it's a strange departure for the popular manager.  I miss the days when he was a well respected man about town.  Back then men were men, and paedophiles were popular children's tv show presenters