Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nobody likes Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison is widely regarded as a very talented young footballer with every chance of becoming quite successful.  He's also widely regarded as a penis, and this is why Birmingham are desperate to cancel his loan deal already.

The midfielder was at one point considered to be the greatest prospect from Man United's youth system since Paul Scholes, nearly 300 years ago.  Now every manager he plays for wants him to go away because he's basically a ned.  Birmingham boss Lee Clark wants to kick him out, he got in trouble at West Ham after like 10 days there and Alex Ferguson just got rid of him because he couldn't be arsed with the trouble.  This guy is basically that really hot girl from your school that you went out with when you were 14 but who has 8 children by the age of 27.  And she's nowhere near as good looking as she used to be.  But you still would.  DOUBLE BAG IT, SON.  DOUBLE BAG