Sunday, 7 October 2012

Neymar: Oscar begs me to come

It could be a scandal, but really it's just Chelsea wonder-kid Oscar asking Neymar to join him at Stamford Bridge.

Something is unsettling me and I think it's this, I really, really like this Chelsea team. Obviously I hate John Terry and Ashley Cole with the power of a thousand Stone Cold Stunners but the football served up by their attacking players has been superb.

Worryingly little Oscar has been doing his best to talk Neymar into joining him at the London club. Neymar is a diving twat of the highest order but he's also the most talented young striker in the world. If he wants a challenge he should go to England, if he wants to score 1000 goals then he should go to Barcelona or Real Madrid. Ronaldo has more goals than games for Real Madrid- that should only happen in Football Manager and not real life.

Alternatively he could do a Pele, stay in Brazil and suffer from erectile dysfunction.