Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Neymar is learning English

Sexy Brazilian striker Neymar has put English clubs on RED ALERT after revealing he wants to learn English.  That means he wants to live in ENGLAND! OH MY GOD

The 20 year old told some newspaper thing:
"I want to learn English and Spanish, but between training, family and my son I do not have time to do everything. I want to get organised and I hope to do a course."
Premier League clubs are all very excited as Neymar is quite good at football and they want to sign him.  Even though he'll definitely move to Barca.  Learning English is a clear indication of his intentions though, because the only reason a grown adult would learn another language is because they either want to live in the country of that language or because their girlfriend speaks another language and they want to make sure that they aren't telling secrets behind his back when he's there as well.  But sometimes even then you can't really tell