Monday, 1 October 2012

Newcastle want more money

Richard Branson is really cool and seems like a genuinely nice person who deserves his fortune.  Mike Ashley runs Sports Direct and puts discount stickers on trainers before the slave children have had a chance to put them in the box.  I'm sure if I keep typing words I'll end up going somewhere with this

Virgin Money agreed a two year sponsorship deal with Newcastle only months ago, but now the men in charge have decided that they want to end the deal and get a new better one!  Here's a quote:
 Whilst Virgin Money will remain as club sponsor until the end of the current season, Newcastle United has chosen to exercise its contractual right, as both parties had the option to do, to end the two-year sponsorship deal with the bank at the end of this season.
"The Virgin Money name will continue to be worn on the iconic black and white shirts for the remainder of this season."
I quite like the red logo with the Newcastle strip because it adds some colour to the shirt.  My favourite shirt was this one

So I'm sure you will understand when I say that I hope the sponsor is Newcastle Brown Ale.  Did you know that they sell loads of that stuff in America?  Cos they do.  I also hope that Alan Shearer starts playing for the Toon again because he was awesome and also it means I don't have to listen to him talking nonsense on MOTD anymore.  You'd hear more sense if you punched Alan Hansen in the groin