Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New York Red Bulls coach stabbed to death

You probably already know this story and it really sucks, but 25 year old New York Red Bulls coach, Mike Jones, was stabbed to death in Manhattan the other night/morning.  RIP bro

Mike Jones was only 25 and this story just really sucks.  Actually from England, he had originally earned his place on the coaching staff by working his way up after being invited on one of those scholarship things American teams do and was found dead at around 4.30am in West 14th street, which is pretty much hipster village, so I don't know how this even happened.

I don't really have anything to say to this other than it's a real shame and I'm genuinely bummed out by it.  He's younger than both of us, was a coach at a cool professional soccer team and lived in Manhattan - at least he achieved something pretty significant with himself and for that everyone who knows him can be pretty damned proud.

I on the other hand live with my parents and spent the entire day drawing pictures of Brad Friedel in Vietnam.