Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nemanja Vidic bought a house for someone

In the last four days I've been hungover twice, almost finished an entire season on FM12 and done absolutely no FitbaThatba writing.  Nemanja Vidic, on the other hand, bought his dead friend's Dad a house.

While growing up playing football in his native Serbia, or whatever it was called back then, Vidic and Vladimir Dimitrijev were best friends forever until one day Vladimir accidentally died from a heart attack on the training pitch, aged 20.  Vidic was pretty bummed out by this, and even more so when he found out the other day that Dimitrijev's father had absolutely no money left either, so he opened a bank account for him and put in €126,000 telling him to buy a flat and that if he ever needed help financially, just let him know.

It's a really nice story and coincidental because my plan with life is let Jack work a real job until we are older and he is rich, and then when I die of a heart attack 7 years ago he can give my Dad loads of money to buy a house.  But he already has a house.  So then he'll have two houses, and I can be a ghost and ghosts are ace.