Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nani to be sold

Nani was rubbish, then he was good, now he's rubbish again - so he's going to be sold.

When Nani first arrived, he had a bit of the new Ronaldo about him. A flashy wanker who was more concerned with step-overs than actually doing anything score or pass. Then Ronaldo left and Nani went "fuck, I better actually start doing things", and he did. Goals and assists were plentiful in among his unbelievably annoying mannerisms, personality and fondness for giving the ball away.

Fergie is all pissed off with the Michael Jackson from Thiller look-a-like and contract talks have ceased for now. I've seen him a few times for Manchester United this season and it's almost like he passes the ball away or gets tackled on purpose. This hasn't put off AC Milan or Juventus who are planning on making bids for the player in January. Either he will go and become one of the best players in the world or be the next Denilson. Not the Arsenal one who is lost in the rain forest but the one who used to be the world's most expensive player, who is also lost in the rain-forest...or retired.