Thursday, 11 October 2012

Michael Owen likes to dive

Michael Owen has started bending the rules of the universe by saying something that I totally agree with about diving, namely that drawing a foul is a skill and falling down like a dick is lame.

Like any good British person, the striker has blamed foreigners for the bad things that are happening in this country/nation but specifically the growing trend of players diving to get free kicks and ting.  He was on Twitter and said:
"It's worse than 10 years ago with the influence of players coming from South America, Spain and Italy,"
"I was running flat out, got a nudge, went down. Could I have stayed up? Yeah, probably."
And he added: "Four years later I got a penalty, again against Argentina, and again I could have stayed on my feet." 
So even the squeaky clean Michael Owen dives, ladies and gentlemen.  And rightly so.  If your opponents are rolling about the floor crying and you're getting booked for it, the only clever thing to do is fight fire with fire and do exactly the same thing.  The other thing you could do is fight Sergio Busquets with fire.  Or fight a dragon with fire.  Or a ghost.  Can you fight ghosts with fire?  Perhaps.