Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Michael Ballack is retired

Michael Ballack, the talismanic German midfielder, has decided to retire from football since being released by Bayern Leverkusen in the summer.

The former Germany and Bayern Munich captain was rumoured to be in talks with Australian clubs to get a further pay day but realised that Australian football absolutely sucks and that he already has enough money.  Plus, if he goes into any shop anywhere, surely the person behind the counter gives him everything for free?  He's Michael Ballack ffs.  Or at least that guy said he was.  And tbh I was pretty surprised that he'd grown his hair long and is now black.  Also I thought it was strange that Michael Ballack would take all of the vodka in the shop - I thought he'd like Lucozade or something.

HAHAHAH what a funny joke.  I don't work in Costcutters anymore.

Oh and here's the first video we ever did: "Michael Ballack has a skull on his head"