Saturday, 27 October 2012

Meanwhile in Italy...

Italian football is great, mental fans, dodgy owners and match fixing. Let's have a look.

Silvio Berlusconi has been given a jail sentence for tax evasion and banned from public office for five years. Chances are he will never actually see any time in prison as he will appeal and use super lawyer powers. Silvio has accused the judge of a witch-hunt and thinks that everyone is out go get him. He should probably shut up until after the old "did you or did you not shag an underage prostitute?" trial.

In other news, Napoli are being investigated for match fixing in 2010 - match fixing was all the rage back then and they will probably get a spank on the bottom if found guilty. I can't remember much about 2010 apart from Inception, that film was bad ass. Apart from all the people who insisted on analysing the film to death, "we didn't see the totem fall over, what does it mean?", "an ape just drove a motorbike through a snowstorm, what does it mean?". It was obviously all a dream, he died when Titanic sank you idiots.