Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mark Hughes won't be sacked

Mark Hughes is a little bit terrible at football managing. Already his job seems to be under threat at QPR, but Chairman Tony Fernandes has come out and publicly said that Hughes will not be sacked (he probably will).

QPR lost again yesterday and Hughes continued his campaign of playing football without a defense. Scoring goals is completely pointless when you are conceding twice as many. Can you buy special Christmas crackers that have managerial jobs inside them? I cannot think of another reason as to why Hughes keeps getting jobs. There were a couple of good seasons with Blackburn but in football years, that was about a century ago.

Big Tony is the boss and he says that he is not changing anything. If he is still saying that come the end of January, I will eat my imaginary hat. Hughes should put on his boots and start playing again, I'd take him at Aberdeen.