Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mark Hughes loves Ji-Sung Park

I still have no idea if this guy's name is Park Ji-Sung or Ji-Sung Park but the QPR fans do because they think he sucks now.  Mark Hughes is like 'no way jose'

Park is currently the QPR captain and I didn't know that until right now.  It must be pretty weird trying to take charge of what looks like a NATO convention for athletic people but so far the South Korean hasn't been doing very well in the eyes of his club's fans:
"He’s a good character around the group and that’s one of the reasons I gave him the armband.
"He’s just needs to get into the rhythm and continuity of playing that he hasn’t had up to now.
"Once he has that, it will help his form and his impact on games."
This is actually a really boring story.   If it turned out that the real Ji-Sung Park had been captured by terrifying robots from the future then it would be newsworthy, but this is just Mark Hughes saying that eventually someone will get better at something maybe.

That's it.  I don't have any jokes or anything.  See you later