Sunday, 14 October 2012

Liverpool really want Ba

Now that Fabio Borini is injured for a month, Liverpool have exactly one strikers.  This is bad because they'd like to have at least two strikers.  Demba Baaaaaaaaa

The Newcastle player will be available for £7million during the next transfer window and since he's pretty good and only available because he wants ridiculous wages, it makes perfect sense for Liverpool.  Ideally the transfer fee will actually be a bit higher in the end, and once confirmed they hope to make a nice seat for him on the bench and then later send him to another club on loan until his knee eventually blows up.  Liverpool buying players is like when people buy an iPhone on ebay because it's 'only £300' and then moan that they get sent an empty box.  That's about the only explanation I can offer for Stewart Downing.  The real one is tied to a chair somewhere in China.