Saturday, 20 October 2012

Kyle Walker deleted his Twitter

If you didn't know already, the general public are stupid and mean and this is why Kyle Walker has deleted his Twitter account.  Poor Kyle.

The Spurs right back made a couple of weird decisions during the match against Chelsea earlier on Saturday, which is still today, and because people are nice they gave him so much abuse on the social network that he decided to delete his account.  Imagine a world with no Facebook or Twitter access?  I'd rather be dead too. Before he left the internet behind, he tweeted this:
Would love to know what I’m doing so different I give 100% every game and still u something to say I’m 22 and learning #embarrassing.
“If I said what I thought to these people I would get done humans make mistakes it was 90mins and I though a foul end off!!!!”
Damn you cyber bullies!  How dare you be so mean to Kyle.  Now like me, he must learn that people on the internet are idiots and you should never listen to their opinion, even if they are totally right that you aren't funny and everyone hates you and that they wish you would get hit by a truck.  My Mum can be so mean sometimes.