Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jose Mourinho is really cool

God damn it I love Jose Mourinho.  Out of all of his press conferences, 100% of them have interesting or funny bits.  And not like Mick McCarthy 'DERP DERP POTATO' funny, he's just cool.

The Portuguese manager has had to deal with overpaid Real Madrid players moaning about Mesut Ozil being left out of the side, even though he sucks and Luka Modric is way better, and no-one more than Sergio Ramos has been whinging out his pal.  Mourinho said:
"My relationship with my wife is better than my relationship with Sergio Ramos, but my relationship with him is better than it is with people who I do not work with and who I do not share my day with everyday. The same goes for my relationship with Arbeloa and with the rest. About what he said, you’ll have to ask him"
I can't tell if this means that he doesn't really like his wife, or if he just kinda treats her like he picked her up on the street but if that's good enough for Mourinho then it's sure as hell good enough for me.

That's right kids, another prostitute joke.