Wednesday, 10 October 2012

John Terry should have been banned longer

As we all now, John Terry is maybe or maybe not racist and because of this he has been banned for four matches and fined £220,000.  What the former FA chief wants to know is why this is less than Luis Suarez?!!!

Suarez was found guilty of pretty much the same thing yet recieved an eight match ban.  Now I'm not one for calling people racist, but clearly the FA just hates Mexicans so much that they figured banning Suarez longer might make him leave and go back to Portugal where he came from.  Lord Triesman said:
"I couldn't understand why the sanction was different for a Liverpool player and for John Terry."
"It may be when you look at all the detail they thought there were reasons for [it]. I can't see it."
The detail that earned Terry a smaller ban was that he only called Anton Ferdinand 'a black cunt' once, whereas Suarez repeatedly called Evra 'negrito', or whatever it was he said.  So remember kids, if you're going to racially abuse someone only do it once.  I tried this method out by calling the cleaner at my work 'a dirty paki' today and he didn't even tell on me.  He just looked really sad afterwards, but I guess that might be because he's a cleaner and because he's wasted his Masters degree in engineering.  Ahhh well.  Life is full of mysteries