Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Joe Allen is Welsh player of the year

Liverpool's midfielder Joe Allen has won the very prestigious Welsh player of the year award, beating other candidates like Gareth Bale and no-one else.

Joe has won the award after impressing the judges, or whoever it is that votes on this, by passing the ball a lot, and when I say 'a lot' I mean 'all the time'.  Gareth Bale can take on an entire team, is comfortably the best player on the pitch in some international matches, and is exciting to watch but only managed to finish in second place and I've heard that he's devastated, truly beyond words.  The only consolation that I can offer is that he actually has a chance of winning a real trophy this year, and that winning Welsh player of the year is probably about as important as winning one of those awards at the Oscars that you don't even understand what it is.  They probably presented this one during the advert breaks.