Thursday, 4 October 2012

James Tomkins hates the Olympics

West Ham and not-yet-an England player, James Tomkins says that Team GB was a massive waste of time and he hates it because he just wants his family back!  No wait, I mean his place in the starting line-up.  That was part of a different letter I'm writing

The 23 year old only played twice for Stuart Pearce's failures and is annoyed by that fact, because now James Collins and Winston Reid are ahead of him to start for West Ham.  It's the kind of story that will go down in sportsbook review and olympic legend as a player that I barely know about, blames a tournament he didn't play very well in for his manager deciding other players are better than him.  This is exactly like that time I went to London for the weekend and my girlfriend started going out with that guy from work.  I just have to wait until she's bored of having sex with him now.  How is that fair?  I hate you London!