Friday, 26 October 2012

James McFadden plays for Sunderland now

Scotland hero James McFadden's career seems to have already peaked and dipped since he scored THAT goal against France, because now he plays for Sunderland and that sucks.

The former Motherwell, Birmingham and Everton forward has been available on a free transfer since the summer and hasn't played for his country since 2010.  Sunderland can now combine him with the mighty Steven Fletcher upfront and hope that somehow he can provide an option other than 'hit it towards Fletcher EVERY TIME' when the team goes forward, but mostly I expect they hope he does this:

So there you go kids.  You're fucked. Even if you manage to score one of your country's greatest ever goals, if you get injured even like once you're still going to have to play for Sunderland at some point.  It's like finally getting to become a zookeeper and then being told you have to look after the goats.  NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE GOATS