Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Henning Berg is the new Blackburn manager maybe

Henning Berg is to be appointed as the Blackburn manager meaning that the club can finally rid themselves of the ghost of Steve Kean, because today is Halloween - the day we all celebrate the wonderful world of sluts and ghosts.  Slutty ghosts?  Maybe.

Henning Berg used to play for Blackburn and so this why he wants the job in the first place, because he  knows where the stationary cupboard is, where the fire exits are and most of the staff.  These are actually three of the four things he put on his CV in order to get the job, with the fourth being 'I'm not Steve Kean'.

Do you remember when Berg used to play for Manchester United?  Henning Berg.  Ice Berg?!

Here's a picture of Kim Kardashian dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin

And that's all I know about Henning Berg