Friday, 26 October 2012

Goals scored by heading the ball out of the keeper's hands aren't allowed anymore

TIL you're not allowed to head the ball out of a keeper's hands, because last night Daniel Agger headed the ball out of the goalie's hands in Liverpool's game against Anzhi Makhachkala and it was disallowed.

So the reason this doesn't count anymore is because those sneaky weasels at UEFA or whoever, changed the rule so that once a keeper has two hands on the ball, it means he is 'in possession' and you can't take it off him.  Apparently this happened ages ago as well :-( This means no more goals like:

Dion Dublin against Newcastle

Gary Crosby against Man City

This one doesn't really count in this list but it's still funny

I liked those goals and it's a shame we won't get anymore of them because of those corporate fun ruiners!  It's fun trying to sneak up on the goalie, and they love it too - especially at night when they are taking their dog for a walk.  You just jump out and go 'HA HA I GOT YOU DAVID SEAMAN!' and watch as they roll around the floor clutching their heart from laughing so hard as you run away.  There were a lot of ambulances that night.  I'm also not 100% sure it was David Seaman.  How many people have a moustache and ponytail though?  There can't be more than like 10