Monday, 29 October 2012

FIFA is weird sometimes

You may remember the FIFA 12 video where Andy Carroll starting trying to hump Iker Casillas in the middle of a game, and well you may for it was great.  Now Gerard Pique is feeling frisky

This clip is clearly from when Pique had been out on the piss all night with his girlfriends and Benzema hadn't texted him more than twice, even though he'd only been having a quiet beer with his pals.  Later that night they went home and had make up sex, staring into each other's eyes afterwards and then Pique argued about almost anything he could think of, crying several times.  In the morning they woke up and Benzema felt weird, but Pique just laughed about how drunk he was and the silly things he'd said, and slowly Benzema crawled further and further into a deep depression that he couldn't tell anyone about.