Thursday, 25 October 2012

FIFA are scared of technology/being sued

FIFA have told goal-line technology firms to hire loads of lawyers incase they get hella sued when/if their products are proven to be incorrect, they don't go out of business.  Hmmm.

So clearly it was really just money that FIFA were worried about all along.  Guys, you know that these things are controlled by computers?  You know those box things you have in your offices?  They're slightly more reliable than the troublesome human referee but even still, FIFA officials are scared that if say, Man United were incorrectly denied a goal because a computer got it wrong, they'd be really angry and sue the company.  It's a bit different to how it works now where Man United concede a goal and an entire stadium sees it happen, and then the TV replay shows everyone that it was a goal, several times, it gets disallowed and then Spurs just moan about it.

Why hasn't anyone been suing FIFA for not putting in goal line technology yet?  I THOUGHT THIS WAS 'MERICA!