Thursday, 4 October 2012

England's defensive woes are sorted

England fans, you may have been worried about the Terry/Ferdinand era coming to an end but fear not! Your defensive destiny is assured,step up of Ryan Shawcross.

Ryan Shawcross has been called up to the England squad. He may reputation as a brute, but I think it has something to do with his shaved head and long tentacles. It may also have something to do with him snapping Aaron Ramsey's leg like a Twiglet. To be fair to Ryan, when he saw Ramsey's leg in bits he did cry... a lot, so at least we know he's a brute with a heart.

What Shawcross lacks in technical ability, he makes up for it with the priceless attribute of getting "stuck in". That doesn't really make up for it, I'm just trying to be nice. However, if a train was derailed and heading straight for me, I'd be confident that Shawcross would save the day with a diving header.

I'll just shoe horn this in here - check out Copa90 as they are nice enough to promote us and think that anyone other than our own friends will pretend to think we are funny so thanks.