Sunday, 14 October 2012

Emile Heskey scored a goal, also Del Piero

Emile Heskey made headlines in Australia the other day when he scored his first goal in 419 days.  Alessandro Del Piero also scored a free kick.

The mighty, mighty goal machine struck for Newcastle Jets to end his drought and will now undoubtedly go on to score 500 more and allow Heskey to have the last laugh at all you dicks who've been dissing him for so long.  Ummmm he scored against Germany?  Have you scored against Germany?  No.  Someone who probably has, however, is Del Piero, who did this:

You see?  It doesn't matter how old you are - as long as you are phenomenally talented you can do anything, like score a free kick against someone who is just excited to be within 100 yards of you.  It's a bit like me and Kate Upton.  Excited can also mean terrified can't it?