Sunday, 14 October 2012

Edgar Davids is a hipster, Barnet manager

Legendary Holland midfielder Edgar Davids is now the 'joint-head coach' of Barnet.  Whatever the hell that means

Now 39 years old, the former Champions League winner has taken joint charge at Barnet with Mark Robson who was struggling to stop the team getting absolutely destroyed every week until now.  In no way is this a publicity stunt.

"Hey Mark, you'll never guess what... Edgar Davids is going to manage the team!"
"But... I'm the manager"
"Oh shit yeh.  Well... you could help him?"

The move reminds me somewhat of when Michael and Jim become co-managers in The Office and also of any single one of those films where an out of shape former pro who could have made the big time comes into help a bunch of unruly kids.  What they lack in skill they more than make up for with heart and in the end, they teach Edgar a lesson of his own.  A lesson in caring.  And then eventually he wins back his daughter's admiration and rides off into the sunset after securing a 15th position league finish.