Saturday, 20 October 2012

Edgar Davids is cool

Edgar Davids became joint head coach of Barnet recently and as if that wasn't enough, he then selected himself as captain for his first game for the club.  What happened?!

He helped them win 4-0 of course!  Their first win of the season was coincidentally the first game that Davids was in charge of and playing in, and although we can't now expect Barnet to win every week, at least we know that Davids is still ace and that's all I really care about.  I do think it's slightly unfair that he gets to wear his futuristic science glasses to aid with picking passes and judging the distance that he can shoot from, but I for one think we should embrace technology.  The sooner we have Nigel De Jong running around the pitch on one of those things from Alien, the better