Sunday, 7 October 2012

Downing fights back

Stewart Downing is pissed! Brendon Rodgers questioned his fight, his fight? Do you want to see his fighting face?

That's it right there, that is as passionate and angry as Downing will ever get. Downing said this which made me laugh, that probably wasn't his intention -
“Bravery is a lot of things. If you want tackling and running around bustling, that’s not my game. But bravery is also taking the ball when you’re losing and creating things. That’s what I try to do"
If my team was losing with five minutes to play, Stewart Downing would probably be the last person I would want to come on and try to create or score a goal. I'd take Stephen Hawking before I took on Stewart Downing. Did anyone ever investigate his transfer fee? £20m? Even now I can't get over it, sometimes I just sit in silence for hours pondering life and wondering if this is all real. Then I get bored and slag off footballers on Twitter.