Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Del Piero vs Heskey is EXTREME, ISS98

Meanwhile, in Australia:

The A-League is desperately trying to milk its two marquee summer signings even though comparing Del Piero to Emile Heskey is like comparing Heather Graham to Jennifer Aniston.  Sure, Anniston was really hot when she was younger, and even when she was about 25 but now unless she's had like £10k of makeup and a professional video editing team she looks pretty meh.  Obviously you still would, but Heather Graham is really hot and she's also 42.

I know what you're thinking though - is Heather Graham better at football than Emile Heskey?  Only time will tell.  Only time. 

Also that picture looks very much like this:

One is Italian and white, the other is English and black and shit.  Clearly they've taken the inspiration from this cover and it's unfortunate that we don't have a copy of ISS2012 to play today.  I wish I still had my N64.  I have absolutely no idea how I should end this article now.