Tuesday, 9 October 2012

David Moyes has an award

David Moyes has won September's Manager of the Month award after taking Everton to 4th place in the league, which is just lovely.

Usually Everton start the year really badly and bore us all with narrow 1-0 wins and 0-0 draws, but this season they've come out flying, losing only once and only not winning all their games because Newcastle had the referee in their team for their match.  The problem is that eventually this will stop and they'll go back to being mid-table European pushers and the fans can go back to being bored again.  Everton are the equivalent of your friend who gets engaged at 23 and books the wedding for about five years later, and instead of going out and finding someone who is actually hot and isn't mental, just sits and watches TV at night.  Not even Netflix.  Actual TV.