Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Croatian model is a football manager, hot

Over in Croatia, part-time model Tihana Nemcic has taken charge of fifth division men's team NK Viktorija Vojakovac.  She's 24

The former Croatia women's international footballer and model has taken charge of the team and has assured everyone it is not a publicity stunt, even though it has been a very successful publicity stunt so far (DailyMail):
'I am the head coach and I have full liberty to create and plan the team's tactics,' Nemcic said. 'If a woman and a man have the same professional qualifications for a coaching job, I see no reason why I should not get into male football.'
And I agree - if anything, the fact that she is a girl will help the team.  Imagine any situation where you have to pretend to pay attention to someone and then replace that person with a hot girl.  Instantly you can remember everything they said.  It's a genius plan.  And if you win, she can have sex with you!

Sexism for everyone!  Yaaaaay!