Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chelsea fans are nice, video pushing steward over

Chelsea fans are renowned world wide for their hospitality and that's why they pushed a steward over the ad boards on Sunday!  Because they are putting him in hospital!  That's what that means right?

I don't really know how this happens, but you can see the bright orange guy lying on his back over the boards, and then a friendly chap comes along and tips him over on to his head.  After that all of his orange pals sneak towards him, making sure that no-one notices them and then he sits and holds his knee for a while.

I don't really have anything to say about this other than that I don't know who becomes a steward at a football game.  There's a massive clamp down on racism around the UK's football grounds just now and that's good, but I really feel we're missing a big chance to just get rid of all the assholes.  It's the assholes who are racist, but who also go up to the cage where the away fans are and tell them to fuck off and spit on them, and it's the assholes who just generally ruin everything.  They ruined myspace, Facebook and most importantly of all - Sailor Jerry.  WHY DID THEY CHANGE YOU?  WHY DID THEY CHANGE?!!!!