Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chelsea fan banned for racist abuse, longer than Terry

John Terry was recently found guilty, or not guilty or whatever, of calling Anton Ferdinand a 'black c**t' and was banned for 4 games and fined.  I'm only censoring that out because I have no idea what the actual word is.  The newspaper starred out the other letters!  WHAT DOES IT SAY

So anyway, Terry's punishment as a high profile celebrity and captain of a nation was a four game ban, but a Chelsea fan has now been banned for life for saying racist things about Didier Drogba in the stands.  And no-one even cares who this guy is.  He's just some racist 55 year old.  What did this guy say that made an entire stand complain to the police?  And that got him banned for life?  It reminds me of this

Either way, there's surely some sort of mismatch here and when you remember that Luis Suarez, found guilty of the exact same crime was banned for eight matches, I don't think this whole thing is very fair.   And my opinion is very important.  If we are but stars firing through an open space, I am a shining beacon of knowledge that invented gravity.