Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cazorla can get better

Until this season I had never heard of Santi Cazorla, Wenger really did "unearth another gem" - as some nobface commentator said. The good/bad news depending who you support, and if you like football or Sam Allardyce, he can get even better!

Cazorla was playing in some weird place called Spain for a team called Malaga? Apparently he has won two European Championships but I'm not sure what the sport was. His technique, skills, creativity and wombat-like appearance have taken the league by storm. Pundits and journalists have been jizzing themselves stupid with praise and now he plays in the Premier League, he might just be the best player in the world ever.
"I feel important at Arsenal and I want to keep developing. I hope to continue to grow and improve in the future."
I always wondered why I'm so small, with dark skin and dark features but now it's obvious. My mum clearly slept with a Spanish midfielder. My Dad is 6'7" and ginger so I probably should have figured it out sooner. My Dad isn't really ginger, he's actually dead...serious about kicking me out the house. Destroying his favourite bird table was the final straw.