Monday, 8 October 2012

Brad Friedel is rotated

That is now my favourite FitbaThatba article title ever, and it should be your favourite too, unless you are Brad Friedel and had your 'games played in a row since 2004' record ruined.  AVB is such a dick.

Only kidding, I love AVB.  He told reporters that the reason new expensive summer signing and captain of the nation of France, Hugo Lloris, got a game against Aston Villa was 'squad rotation', even though Brad is actually a robot and doesn't need to be rested to perform.  There aren't even any modifications you could do to Friedel to make him any better, unless they add the rocket launcher attachment and chain gun side car, both of which the FA rejected.  Look guys, if you don't start taking some of my ideas I'm going to just stop sending them in, OK?!!