Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Andrea Masiello admits deliberate own goal

Italy is still under investigation for loads of match fixing stuff and now a defender called Andrea Masiello has admitted scoring an own goal in exchange for a bag of cash.

Currently without a club, the 26 year old (note - this guy looks about 80 years older than me) originally scored the goal while playing for Bari against Lecce.  He was been rewarded with a 22 month suspended prison sentence and worst of all, the shame of being so shit at life that now everyone hates him.  His own dog can't even look him in the eyes.  What do Italians call their dogs?  They won't be normal names like 'Mr Dog' or 'Rex'.  They'll be Fabrizio and Ravanelli.  All the dogs are called Fabrizio Ravanelli.  He was really good in ISS98

That's the goal by the way.  I don't know why he admitted it, that's about as good an attempt at clearing the ball as I could have managed